tirsdag den 19. april 2022

Bryggeriloggen 29: Impala Hills Brewery

For nyligt havde Amager Bryghus et opslag, hvor de havde Impala Hills Brewery på besøg. Bryggeriet er nyt, så straks skød jeg en besked afsted og spurgte om de skulle være byggeri #29 i bryggeriloggen. Det skulle de.

Bryggeriets navn?
Impala Hills Brewery 

Siden hvornår? 
The company was founded in May 2021.

Fantombryggeri eller ”rigtigt” bryggeri? 
Fantombryggeri. I am really new to the brewing game, I started brewing in 2020 and already started selling beer in 2021, at some point having my own set up may be the way to go. 

Hvem står bag? 
Me, Frank Wabwire, with good help of my brothers and my closest friends and family. Born in Uganda, grew up in England and Denmark, currently living in Skovlunde together with my girlfriend and our 3 daughters. 

Hvordan kom det så vidt?
In the summer of 2019, I went back to Uganda, where I was born, together with two of my brothers. Enjoying the vibes, taking in the scenery while trekking up and down the beautiful hills of Kampala our need for a beverage would be soothed with a beer or two. Even though I’m not a big beer drinker, the atmosphere made me wonder if there was a beer that represented the vibes we had, as well as the tropical climate. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I started making orange, lemonade and ginger beer sodas, and the drinks brought me back to Uganda and gave me an idea. I set out to create the smoothest beer, that even non beer drinkers would enjoy. Bringing out the good vibes and fun, while quenching your thirst with its tropical taste. That same year, my brothers and I bought a 15 litre pot and the first brewing buckets and set out on this exciting adventure – little did we know, Impala Hills Brewery was being founded. 

Hvad er planen? 
Our first production will be ready in the middle of April, and then the journey continues. The products will be available for purchase in bars, restaurants and at events in Greater Copenhagen area during the spring and summer (2022), and then we will welcome the rest of Denmark by the end of the year.

Hvilke øl skal vi forvente? 
My aim with Impala Hills is to produce refreshing and thirst quenching beers with a session feel to them. The 3 beers we have chosen to focus on is a Wheat Beer, a Lime Beer and, last but not least, my Ugandan Pale Ale. I also look forward to introducing my coconut stout and chocolate brown ale very soon. 

Hvad er næste træk? 
Our next step is to be a brand that people remember and be the beers that the crowd choses when they want to drink for good moments.