mandag den 19. november 2018

Bryggeriloggen 22: Bicycle Brewing

Jeg stødte først for nylig på Bicycle Brewing Copenhagen, der åbenbart har huseret på Østerbro siden i sommers. Det blev fulgt op med en invitation til at bidrage til Bryggeriloggen, et ja og svarene, der kan læses her. 

Bryggeriets navn:
Bicycle Brewing Copenhagen

Siden hvornår:
Bicycle Brewing was founded by Alex and Kristina Kunigenas (a husband and wife brewing team) in 2016. Beer making had long been an active interest for us, but after returning to Copenhagen from a 12 month round-the-world trip in 2016, we decided to finally turn our passion into a business. We had been tossing the idea around for a while but it took visiting 44 different breweries, from Trappist breweries in Belgium, to craft breweries in Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North, Central and South America, to inspire us to make our own (if small) contribution to the world of craft beer. And so Bicycle Brewing was born.

We spent just over 2 years working on Bicycle as a side project, brewing test batches on our 200 liter equipment, perfecting recipes, and hosting occasional tastings and events. Then, in June 2018, Alex left his job as a department manager at Danske Bank after 14 years in the financial sector to take the next step with the business, opening our bar and tasting room in Østerbro on June 29, 2018.

Fantombryggeri eller ”rigtigt”:
At Bicycle, we brew all of our beer on-site at in 150-200l batches. For us, our beer, our bar and our brewing craft are all closely tied together. Freshness is a key part of our philosophy, so the fact that there is less than 4 meters distance from brewery to glass is a key point of pride for us.
Hvem står bag:
Alex, originally from Berkeley, California, and Kristina, born and raised in Copenhagen.

Hvordan kom det så vidt:
Alex started home brewing in 1999 in his San Francisco kitchen and introduced Kristina to the hobby in 2004. Together, we have been brewing and designing recipes for over 14 years that combine our passion for both US and European beer traditions.

Hvad er planen:
Right now, we are focused on brewing the very best beer that we can, and serving it fresh on tap at our tasting room every weekend. While we are always considering ways to expand the business and share our love of beer and brewing with more people, at this point, we are happy to enjoy the process and take it slowly.

Hvilke øl skal vi forvente:
We brew 3-4 times per month and put a new beer on tap every 2-3 weeks. Our most recent release was a winter beer, "Cherry Maple Christmas" (an amber ale flavored with cherry, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla), with Handlebar IPA (golden colored Cascade and Mosaic IPA) and Broken Spoke Blonde Ale (Belgian blonde) coming soon. We have around 10 core recipes at Bicycle, but adjust them over time based on what ingredients are available, feedback from customers, and our own changing taste. In addition, we regularly brew test batches (typically available in bottles), and are always searching for new flavors and experimenting with different yeast and hops.

Hvad er næste træk:
Come join us for a beer at Ålborggade 20 in Copenhagen (16-22 every Thursday, Friday and Saturday) or find out more at, or bicyclebrewingcopenhagen on Facebook and Instagram.