onsdag den 21. november 2018

Fire nye fra Amager Bryghus

8. december slipper Amager Bryghus disse fire nye øl fri på bryggeriet - se arrangementet på Facebook.
Billie The Butcher 7% - Dobbelt tørhumlet Hazy IPA 
It is amazing how much one can get away with by having a pretty face and a moist snout. As the owner of one of Belgium's best beer bars, Billie may come across as a handsome and distinguished gentleman, but do not be fooled! Behind all that floof and soft ears lies a dark secret. While ”Jack, The Ripper”, had a thing for sex workers, “Billie, the Butcher”, will lure beer tickers in with a damn fine tap and bottle selection only to spike their drinks and have his way with anyone that shows more interest in rating than in drinking and having a good time. His knives are as sharp as his contempt for those who have forgotten the spirit of sharing brews and laughs among friends, and dare you having a printed evaluation chart or a yellow screen glowing through your phone and you shall experience first-hand (or maybe hands first!) the blade, the blood, the pain. Much like Untappd badges, this sadistic little fucknugget collects his own trophies, and word on the street is he has even created his own app to rate dismemberments, called 'AmpuRate'. Try and tick this brew at his home and you may just become another score among many.
Buffalo Burlesque, 11% Imperial Stout – 8 mdr på Bordeaux rødvinsfade.
When Anne Peabody was adopted from the orphanage in 1872, by a white, Christian family in the Wyoming small-town of Meeteetse, it wasn’t exactly written in the stars that years later she would end up a burlesque star in Paris. Many small-town folks whispered about how her jet black hair clearly indicated native blood, but Anne’s parents turned a deaf ear to such talk. Unfortunately for the Peabodys, Anne also turned a deaf ear to the gospel that her parents so eagerly tried to teach her. Although a respectful child, Anne simply couldn’t keep her mind on all that Jesus mumbo-jumbo. She wandered off. In the beginning for hours, but as she grew older she’d stay out in the wilderness for days. Persistent rumors claimed she had been seen talking to wild buffalo on the plains. Her parents had long stopped being surprised. So when Anne disappeared for good one day, it somehow came expected. Under her bed her parents found a newspaper clipping about a so-called Wild West Show in nearby Casper, but when they got there Anne had already moved on with her new boss Buffalo Bill. Her abilities as a buffalo whisper combined with a distinct star quality made her the jewel of the show. Several years of touring took her around the world, but when an admirer invited her into the newly opened Moulin Rouge variety in Paris, she felt an immediate attraction to the stage. A stage that soon had to be severely reinforced when Anne introduced her glamour solo show The Buffalo Burlesque. A show like nothing ever seen before in Paris.
Cobras Fumadoras - 11% Barley Wine med mørk agavesirup og kanel – derefter 6 mdr på mexicanske mezcalfade. 
We know it may sound weird, but smoking cobras is actually a thing. These extraordinary and very rare snakes can be found in the rain forests of the Southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. First sightings of this odd smoking behavior were made by Spanish conquistadores more than 400 years ago. And back then the Spanish reported that the cobra snakes were simply smoking a cheap brand of cigarettes from the local grocery store. Modern historians have been very reluctant to believe these early reports of abnormal snake behavior, and in many cases the reports have been attributed to the conquistadores experimenting with early attempts at producing hallucinogenic spirits, such as very primitive Mezcal. However, to this day, the reports of smoking cobras have continued to flourish, although modern generations of snakes seem to have developed a much more refined taste in tobacco. According to the most recent sightings, it seems that the Oaxaca cobras will touch nothing but only the best brands in Cuban cigars. In some parts of the rain forest, left over piles of cigar butts and cigar bands are actually becoming an environmental challenge. But a confusing one since cobras are also an endangered species. The local government has set up a program of wildlife consultants trying to educate the cobras to a more environment friendly behavior. The result of this effort has yet to be seen.
Cobras Fumantes - 11% Barley Wine med mørk agavesirup, kanel samt hårdtristet mexicansk kaffe – derefter 6 mdr på mexicanske mezcalfade. 
As already mentioned on the Cobras Fumadores bottle label, smoking cobras have been an established part of the fauna in Southern Mexico for several hundred years. And yes, we DO mean a cobra snake with a huge Cuban cigar in its mouth. However, exactly how the snakes picked up this unhealthy habit, has been a mystery to herpetologists (snake spotters) ever since this line of science was created. But the mystery doesn’t stop here - actually it just keeps expanding. Within the last fifty years a new sort of cobra sighting has started to appear. Coffee workers in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil – more than 5.000 kilometres from Oaxaca, the home of the original smoking cobras - claim that cobras are sighted almost every day in the coffee fields, proudly basking in the sun with their head raised. To complicate things these coffee snakes seem somewhat different. The majestic Cuban cigar preferred by the Mexican cobras, is substituted by a huge, fat reefer. According to local experts the aroma clearly suggests that the ganja is of local origin. And even more disturbing, the Cobras are also sipping coffee – not half-assed Mexican Café de olla, but good, strong Brazilian coffee. Will there be anything stopping these clever cobras? We fear that there may be many more future chapters to this story…