onsdag den 18. december 2013

Poesibogen: Magnus Björnstjerna, Mankerbeer.com

Magnus "Manker" Björnstjerna
I started my journey into the mysterious land of craft beer back in 2008-2009. I had come back from working in the state of Maine in the US and despite managing to miss out on great craft beers that were within an arm’s reach I somehow developed a taste for flavorful beverages. Back in Stockholm, Sweden I started buying beers at Systembolaget which I tried together with friends. One day in 2009 one of them told me that I should start writing about beer and the same day I started Manker Beer Blog, which later on turned into the more professional MankerBeer.com. Since then we have been considered one of the top Nordic beer sites, probably for our mix of serious beer talk which we mix up with a lot of fun and goofiness. 

Yndlingsøl/Favorite Beer?
I wish I could stick out from others who have answered these questions and say that I actually do have one specific favorite beer but just as with music, food, women etc it changes over time and depending on the moment. Some of my bets moments have been while enjoying a Cantillon Cuvee Saint-Gilloise outside on a hot summers day and I must say that I was happy opening a bottle of Dogfish Head Faithfull Ale with my fellow Pearl Jam loving best friends last New Years Eve. Apart from them few things beat fresh Pliny The Elder in the states or to sit down and get hamm... tipsy at Avery's brewpub, everything they do is world class. 

Yndlingsøltype/Favorite Beer Type? 
I started of as a guy wanting more and "imperial" of everything, then went into a long hop addiction and now I am a recovering hop lover with a taste for session beers. As a beer geek I tend to drink fewers beers when I go out, much becuase they are stronger and might numb my palate quicker than session friendly beers that you can have a sixer of without getting tired of the flavor, which is very rare to do with many flavorful craft beers. 

Største Øloplevelse/Greatest Beer Experience? 
This years Great American Beer Festival and the two weeks in the US was a blast but I must say that to me it's all about the meetings with fellow beer lovers and brewers. When I sat down for a meeting with Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) or had a late night beer with Tomme Arthur (Lost Abbey/Port Brewing), Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River) and Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn Brewery) I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. To go from fan to a part of the welcoming world of beer enthusiasts is the best thing I have experienced. 

Hvor køber du dine øl/Where do you buy your beer? 
To be honest, I rarely buy beers from Systembolaget. Much beacuse I buy so much beers when I am on trips or visit places but also because I tend to drink less now than before. I also use online web stores from times to times as they are a great way to find those special beers that you love but have a hard time to find locally. 

Hvad er det øl kan siden det er så godt/What makes beer so great? 
I would like to claim that is should be complex, but that would be a lie. Complexity does not equal greatness but to experience several "layers" of a beer is something I like, which you can do in all kinds of beers, a golden ale on cask or a triple IPA, its all about balance. A nice mouthfeel, clean flavors and some level of sessionability is what I strive to find in a great beer.