onsdag den 10. september 2014

Poesibogen: Martha Wiebenson, Shallows Beer Blog

Endnu en gang er der blevet skrevet i Stovts poesibogen, og endnu engang skal man gribe ud efter sine røde ordbøger, hvis man vil have det fulde udbytte. Martha Wiebenson er just lige flyttet til Danmark og står bag Shallows Beer Blog, hvor øllets indhold spilles op med etiketten. Stovt siger velkommen til og stiller om.

About me: I'm from Oregon in the US, and in late June 2014 I moved to Copenhagen. I love cats, dancing, writing, photography/filmmaking, and just about anything nerdy. My relationship with beer is a bit unusual. I used to hate beer. I thought it all smelled like soy sauce and if someone got me to take a sip, I thought it was incredibly foul. Then one Oktoberfest, I was enjoying some live Oompah music while my companions were enjoying the many kinds of beers available. I held someone's cup for a couple minutes and to my surprise, their beer smelled like bread. It dawned on me then that I could think of beer more as liquid food than a drink, and I started to like it with this new mental filter on my palate. I liked the thick, dark flavorful brews first and worked my way down to appreciating the paler kinds. Fast forward several years and here I am with my own beer blog, combining my interests of writing, science, marketing, and beer. Go figure. 

What is your favorite beer? 
That's a toss-up. For years I've said it's 10 Barrel's Oregon Brown, but it's been so long since I've had it and I've had so many excellent beers since then. Just to be safe, I'll say it's Tough Love from Crux Fermentation Project. 

What is your favorite beer type? 
I still generally like stouts best, but I have a definite fondness for sweet DIPAs. 

Where do you buy your beer? 
For bottles, mostly Mikkeller Bottle Shop. On draft, usually Mikkeller and Friends. 

What has been your greatest beer experience? 
I might be biased, but I'm going to go with the first taste of the beer my husband and I brewed for our wedding day. It had been our first time brewing together, and the brew day was a disaster. When we poured the first glasses at the wedding though, we found that the beer had turned out wonderfully, and it was a fun addition to our perfect day. A close runner up was my first taste of Sort Mælk from To Øl. It's my liquid muse; I swear it's going to write my novel for me. 

What makes beer so great? 
I'd say it's the variety of tastes. There are infinite possibilities with beer. The science of brewing is fascinating, and I love experiencing some of the crazy recipes people come up with. I've had peanut butter jelly, kiwi watermelon, chocolate coconut, and so many other intriguing flavor combinations that I never would have expected. It's amazing what some people can make work with beer when other people can't even make a decent standard brew.